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White Oak Barrel Pack - 5 Gallon Med. Toast

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2.00 Ounces

A medium toasted white oak honeycomb to impart a wooden cask vanilla to any beer, wine, or alcohol. The White Oak imparts a vanilla, toasted coconut, cinnamon, pepper, sweet baked bread,  or caramel profile. 

Instructions for use:

Insert appropriate amount of HONEY COMB into vessel that contains beer, wine, or spirits.
(1″ per gallon for Beer, 3″ per gallon for Wine/Spirits)

For ease of extracting the HONEY COMB stick out of the vessel, simply tie monofilament line to stick and tape to outside of vessel to prevent slipping.

This is a fast extraction product and delivers flavor rapidly, we recommend watching the progress carefully.

Extraction will be complete in 6 weeks, take out sooner if you reach desired flavor profile.