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Mangrove Jack's Craft Pear Cider Pouch

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88.00 Ounces

A started pack that helps people get used to brewing. It features a 1 hour boil with a prep time of under 1 hour from start to fermenting. A great time saver for an experienced brewer. Beer is ready to drink in 2 months. We recommend using carb tabs with this product for first time brewers, Also, please give this product a full 2 months time before trying as it becomes a much better beer with some age and bottle conditioning. 

Brewing Sugar Recommended :1 kg (2.2 lbs) Dextrose / corn sugar 


Mangrove Jacks Pear Cider Kit

From the juiciest pears comes the best pear cider. This cider has a sweet mellow pear flavor which satisfies any thirst.

ABV Approx: 4.7%

Style: Sweet

Color: Clear Gold

Each of our cider varieties has been formulated with only the freshest and best quality fruit which is then pressed and concentrated using our state of the art evaporators, and then cold filled into a pouch. All this effort we go to ensures we preserve the natural flavor of the fruit, giving you cider which is fresh, crisp and especially good on a hot summer's day. If you don't like pears, just remember a cider a day also keeps the doctor away.

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