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Brew all grain! Custom Extract Kits! Brewing Pouches are great for beginners!

We have a wide selection of grians for sale, extracts, and 30 min brew pouches!

Fresh Roasted Coffee! Loose Leaf Tea!

We roast coffee fresh to order! We will grind it your way, for free. Light roasts preserve caffeine, medium hold body and balence caffeine, dark and frewnch give that rich charred flavor and lighter caffeine.

Fast Fermenters Available!

The fast fermenters are easy and great for beer, wine, or any other fermenting!! Primary and secondary is done in the same vessel. Comes in 7.9 and 14 Gallon sizes!

Loose Leaf Teas!

We sell a compliment of Black, White, Green and Herbal teas both caffeinated and decaffeinated.